Lent term 2012

The Learning Support Programme has kicked off this term with successful events:

 Tandem Learning

started with a French film screening and discussion which was yet again very well attended.  We have also celebrated the Chinese New Year by holding a tandem event with Chinese food and New Year decorations, one hour of chatting and mingling, followed by a film. This term there are plenty of events to cater for all languages.

Learning support workshops

focus on non-academic English. They were previously only available to Foundation students but have now been made available to all LSE students and staff who want to practise their English.  The first one, “English Through… Film” has had such a positive response that we have opened up more sessions to meet the demand. 



Welcome to the LC Staff Room!

This blog has been made by and for LSE Language Centre staff. It gathers information on Language teaching and learning issues and more importantly, it is constantly updated with news on what is happening in different sections: research, best practice and, of course, social!

Welcome to our virtual staff room!

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