CercleS – Ready or not… Here we go!

Actually, ready. Very ready and looking forward to it. The Conference preparation ball started rolling with John’s first contact with “Conferences” at precisely 15:51 on 15 October 2010. Yes, almost two years ago!

It has been an amazing team work. Tomorrow we’ll be there bright and early. Over 230 people attending and a very interesting programme with so much choice!






Mobiles in language classes

High percentage of students using mobiles in class are googling new words.

At Coventry University, one of the Italian teachers asked students in the class why they were using their phones and found out that they were mostly searching google to look for new vocabulary. It is now allowed in her class to use mobiles. Classes have become more dynamic and finding the meaning of a new word or expression is a group activity close to a competition. Definitely more lively than independent dictionary and encouraging peer work. Surely not free from the risks of over use in the class but obviously a new tool for vocabulary learning. This was presented int he latest AULC SIG meeting (Teaching and Learning Support).

Maximise your potential

Over 200 students have registered for the free language taster courses starting today. The most popular language for the first session is Arabic, followed closely by Mandarin. Classes are also running for Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese. These classes are offered to LSE undergraduate students and it is the second year they are being offered. It is an excellent opportunity to have an introduction to a new language.

Maximise your potential

Languages will be compulsory at school from the age of 7

Fantastic, encouraging news!!

Since 2004 UK was one of three countries in Europe where studying languages was not compulsory in primary school. Foreign language learning will be re-introduced from September 2014.



‘Killing the Father in Germany’

‘Killing the Father in Germany’

Date: Friday 15th June

Time: 3-5pm

Location: London School of Economics and Political Science, Old Building, Room 3.28

Stephan Feuchtwang, Felix Römer and Hans Steinmüller in conversation with John Borneman. Chair: Peter Skrandies Continue reading

Living the Language

Every 14 days a language dies. This six-part series, from Al Jazeera, follows the indigenous people fighting to preserve endangered languages and the cultures at risk of dying with them.

More information here http://www.aljazeera.com/programmes/livingthelanguage/

Wittgenstein – Philosophy and Photography

Exhibition coming up, organised by LSE Arts with the collaboration of Felicitas Starr- Egger.

The exhibition will be of interest not only to students and researchers from a wide range of disciplines, at universities as well as schools and colleges, but also to anybody interested in learning about Wittgenstein through his own writings and photographs, and through correspondence about him. Alongside the exhibition panels, 12 original screen prints by Eduardo Paolozzi.

More information here: http://www2.lse.ac.uk/intranet/LSESocial/artsAndMusic/artProjectsAndExhibitions/Wittgenstein.aspx

Date: Monday 28 May – Friday 29 June 2012
Time: Monday-Friday, 10am-8pm
Venue:  Atrium Gallery, Old Building