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Below are some examples of activities which aim to enhance and develop language learning, currently going on in the Language Centre. If you have any comments, or if you would like to know more, please contact


 Tandem Learning

      Tandem Learning has taken a step further from the conventional 1-2-1 language exchange and offers a series of group events, starting with a launch party for all our students at the beginning of the academic year, and followed by other all-language meetings.  Participants are encouraged to mingle and move between the groups of their native language and the language(s) they want to practise. During the academic year there are also events for specific languages, sometimes just for conversation, sometimes with film screenings.  For specific language meetings, as well as announcing on facebook, we send emails to classes inviting both native speakers and students of the target language. Teachers often participate in the sessions and are a great asset. 

Tandem Learning is open to LC students and members of LSE. Participants register mainly through facebook where information on events is posted. Of course, students also have the possibility of organising 1-2-1 meetings but Facebook enables interaction to take place before a meeting happens, helping to establish common ground and interests which will increase the chances of a successful tandem exchange. Before the facebook “era” we would  monitor the tandem requests and put students in contact with each other based mainly on language level and interests. With web social networking, groups are now organising meetings to practise the language outside the LC and there is in general a good level of communication. Another great advantage of course is a much better communication, not only amongst students but also between the Language Centre and those interested in practising outside the classroom.

The meetings are dynamic, with a great atmosphere. In order to encourage communication we have on display a range of materials and activities for different levels but in general spontaneous conversation takes over and they are rarely needed.

Students have the opportunity to practise languages we teach and do not teach at LSE!

Tandem Learning offers a chance for language enthusiasts to meet and talk in an informal multilingual environment.


Show & Share

 This is a termly event organised by Learning Support and Administration. Language Centre staff meet and share teaching ideas and activities that work well in class and are transferable to other languages. While in some cases specific methodology is required, (reading for Chinese or Japanese for example) most of the practice applied in class can be transferable across languages.

The format of  the workshop consists of 5 separate activities, each lasting 10 minutes, followed by 5 minutes for comments or questions. We try to focus on one particular theme for each workshop. This format can be flexible, allowing to present teaching issues which may not be an activity.

  The following are some examples of activities “shown & shared”:

Techno Detox –This session aims to teach and practise language without any of the ubiquitous technology found in our classrooms. It focuses on students learning language mediated only by colour and texture. A fun, if not instructive, time is guaranteed for all.

Wimba voice presentation – Most of us are happily using Wimba already but the voice presentation feature can enhance the whole Wimba experience.

Drama for language learning – Using scripts and improvisation to enhance fluency, pronunciation and intonation.

Please turn ON your mobile phone – A presentation on the use of Poll Everywhere for engaging students and gathering feedback in classroom teaching. Please bring along your mobile phones, laptops & other wireless devices!

There is always a social get together afterwards where everyone gets the chance to catch up with each other in a relaxed atmosphere.

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