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Today: Day Jobs and the Twilight World

LSE Space for Thought – LSE Language Centre Literary Festival presents:

Day Jobs and the Twilight World

17:15 – 18:45 Wolfson Theatre

 Although the cliché of the novelist as a typically bohemian, solitary, garret-inhabiting individual persists, in reality today, as in the past, the majority of novelists writing lead double-lives, holding down at least a part-time and very often a full-time job as well. Trollope did a full-time job as a director of the General Post office while simultaneously turning out some of the major novels of the nineteenth century. Kafka worked in an insurance office. Author of the bestseller The Wind in the Willows, Kenneth Grahame worked at the Bank of England for thirty years. Alan Judd represents a case in point, having published nine novels, most recently Uncommon Enemy (2012), while simultaneously working in the army, in the Foreign Office and in other Whitehall departments. He has also written, while pursuing these day jobs, The Quest For C , the biography of Mansfield Cumming, founder of MI5. Together with Lord Hennessy, the author of The Secret State and a preeminent Cold War historian, and Professor Christopher Andrew, the author of Defence of The Realm, the official history of MI5, he discusses the question of combining official work with the writing of fiction in the context of the Cold War and after.

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Tonight: The Heart of a Dog


Tonight LSE students present an adaptation of the satirical novella Heart of a Dog which lampoons the emerging totalitarian system with its exposé of medical science gone mad.

Mikhail Bulgakov was like his great Russian precursor Anton Chekhov, a full time doctor as well as a writer. In the 1920s and 1930s he was dogged simultaneously by disease and the constant threat of reprisals by Stalin as the Soviet Union headed toward the Great Purge. His 1925 work The Heart of A Dog anticipates both the unreal and sinister atmosphere of this period and the proto -magic realism of his classic Master and Margarita.

25 February, 19:00, Old Theatre – Free event entry

heart of a dog

Languages: The State of the Nation

The British Academy has just published the report:

Languages: The State of the Nation. Demand and supply of language skills in the UK

 These are some of the key findings of the report; there is clearly room for improvement and also scope for reform:

  •  There is strong evidence that the UK is suffering from a growing deficit in foreign language skills at a time when globally, the demand for language skills is expanding
  • The range and nature of languages being taught is insufficient to meet current and future demand
  • Language skills are needed at all levels in the workforce, and not simply by an internationally-mobile elite
  • A weak supply of language skills is pushing down demand and creating vicious circle of monolingualism
  • Languages spoken by British school children, in addition to English, represent a valuable future source of supply – if these skills can be developed appropriately.

 Links of the summary and full report can be found here:


FACTS, FICTION and PHILOSOPHY – drinks reception

The LSE Language Centre is pleased to invite you to:


  • A short dramatized student performance of classic comedy The Clouds by Aristophanes featuring no less a figure than Socrates himself.
  • A short documentary on Philosophers and Writers
  • Students’ thoughts on Literature and Philosophy
  • Prof Luc Bovens (from the perspective of an expert on the Philosophy side)
  • Dr Angus Wrenn (from the perspective of a specialist on the Literature side)
  • The Director of the Language Centre Nick Byrne – overall conclusion

Tuesday 19th February at 18.30
LSE Atrium Gallery

Supported by the LSE Annual Fund and the Department of Philosophy


LSE Arts Public Exhibition

The exhibition Facts, Fiction and Philosophy is devoted to the link between literature and philosophy from the ancient world through to the great writers of the twentieth century Sartre and Camus, and the contemporary writers Kundera and Stoppard. Fascinating information!

There will be an evening celebration 19 February, 18:00, which will include a short student dramatized performance of classic comedy featuring no less a figure than Socrates himself, as well as audiovisual footage relating to the exhibition. Drinks reception.

Date: Monday 21 January – Saturday 2 March 2013
Time: Monday-Friday, 10am-8pm
Venue:  Atrium Gallery, Old Building

More information:


Dying for Dreams (Morir de sueños)

dying for dreamsSpanish in Motion offers tomorrow Tuesday 22nd January it’s next event. A must for those interested in Spain and the Civil War. Dying for dreams is a short film which will be followed by an introduction to the project and a panel discussion with the writer Lala Isla and Professor Paul Preston.

Date: Tuesday 22nd January 2013
Time: 18.30-20.30
Venue: The Wolfson Theatre, New Academic Building, LSE, 54 Lincolns Inn Fields, WC2A 3LJ

Please check here for further information:



CercleS – Ready or not… Here we go!

Actually, ready. Very ready and looking forward to it. The Conference preparation ball started rolling with John’s first contact with “Conferences” at precisely 15:51 on 15 October 2010. Yes, almost two years ago!

It has been an amazing team work. Tomorrow we’ll be there bright and early. Over 230 people attending and a very interesting programme with so much choice!