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Mobiles in language classes

High percentage of students using mobiles in class are googling new words.

At Coventry University, one of the Italian teachers asked students in the class why they were using their phones and found out that they were mostly searching google to look for new vocabulary. It is now allowed in her class to use mobiles. Classes have become more dynamic and finding the meaning of a new word or expression is a group activity close to a competition. Definitely more lively than independent dictionary and encouraging peer work. Surely not free from the risks of over use in the class but obviously a new tool for vocabulary learning. This was presented int he latest AULC SIG meeting (Teaching and Learning Support).


Conference in Bristol on enhancing the learning experience of Modern Languages through feedback

A BIRTHA Conference

Innovative language teaching and learning at university: enhancing the
learning experience of Modern Languages through feedback

Friday 25th May 2012

This one-day conference will be focusing on the role of feedback in the
teaching and learning of modern languages.
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