Welcome to the LC Staff Room!

This is a space for LSE Language Centre staff.  Due to the distribution of the Language Centre over four floors and with teachers’ class timetables being so varied, it is often difficult to find a ‘physical’ place or time where and when we can all get together. The Language Centre is incredibly dynamic with a lot going on in each section.  The aim of the blog is therefore to provide a virtual room where we can easily communicate and find updated information on current projects, research, news, activities organised for our students and staff etc.

LC Practice outlines out-of-classroom activities currently on offer to enhance language learning, such as our Tandem Learning Programme.

LC staff only is a restricted access section specifically for social interaction, with an events calendar, as well as information on particular areas of individual interest. There is scope for sharing and adapting each other’s findings.

Any suggestions or comments… please contact us!

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