Conference in Bristol on enhancing the learning experience of Modern Languages through feedback

A BIRTHA Conference

Innovative language teaching and learning at university: enhancing the
learning experience of Modern Languages through feedback

Friday 25th May 2012

This one-day conference will be focusing on the role of feedback in the
teaching and learning of modern languages.

Feedback is at the heart of learning and teaching in Higher Education. It
can take many forms, from traditional written corrective feedback to the
use of new technologies such as electronic voting systems and discussion
forums. And its effectiveness depends on a wide range of factors.

The conference will bring together experts in modern language teaching to
showcase current projects (either research-based or practice-based) and
reflect on new areas of research and innovative pedagogical approaches
relating to the delivery of feedback from face-to-face to online, and from
tutor-led feedback to peer or group feedback.

The conference will aim to bridge the gap between research and classroom
practice by creating a strong dialogue between researchers in the field of
feedback and language practitioners. The conference will be hosting Prof.
Dai Hounsell, Professor of Higher Education / Vice-Principal for Academic
Enhancement at the University of Edinburgh whose research interests include
how and what students learn in higher education (particularly in relation
to essay-writing, oral presentations and other forms of coursework
assignment), and implications for teaching-learning and assessment

Audiovisual feedback technology, using blogs for corrective feedback or
efeedback and portfolios to support students on their year abroad are some
examples of the areas the conference will showcase.

For further information and to register and benefit from our early bird
registration, please visit our Conference website:

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