Welcome to the LC Staff Room!

This blog has been made by and for LSE Language Centre staff. It gathers information on Language teaching and learning issues and more importantly, it is constantly updated with news on what is happening in different sections: research, best practice and, of course, social!

Welcome to our virtual staff room!

What’s new at the LC 2011-12?

We have started the academic year with exciting new developments:

Mandarin degree option

A new exciting opportunity to study Mandarin as part of an undergraduate degree.

There is also a wide choice of study
opportunities at top Chinese universities, work placements or internships in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and HongKong.

 This programme has been very successful in its first year!


This new course, Teaching English for Academic Purposes (TEAP), is suitable for experienced EFL teachers who wish to specialise in teaching EAP. It focuses on how to teach EAP to students who are already preparing to study at university. This programme is based on the LSE approach to teaching EAP.


More information here 



The Language Gateway

The language resources section in moodle has been re-launched as the Language Gateway with a new logo. There are resources for all languages taught at the LC, from beginners to advanced levels, covering all skills.

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